What is a Good Job Description

As a client who wants to hire a freelancer, you need to write a project description for your freelancer. And there are certain dos and don’ts you need to consider while writing a project description.

What Is a Job Description?

A job description is a detailed document that clients need to write in order to post a job on WINaTALENT.

What should you include in your job description? (The Dos!)

Try to choose a catchy job title.

Your job title is a first impression for freelancers. The title should be relatable to the job and it needs to be catchy enough so the freelancers want to go through the description.

The job description needs to…

Who is a Project Manager

As we discussed before, in Hire a Freelancer, Launch Your App: WINaTALENT Edition, you need 5 to 6 people to develop your app. Nevertheless creating an app or any software project can become a lot more challenging than it seems. The critical role we are going to discuss in this post is the project manager.

Who Is a Project Manager?

Regardless of the industry, a project manager is a professional person responsible for planning, appropriation, and achievement in any task with a determined scope: the PM defines a beginning and an end for the project.

In any project, the project manager (or the PM) is…

winatalent developer renting service

Let’s face it; Covid-19 changed our lives.

Our definition of what is normal has changed. Right now, with several lockdowns all over the globe, many workspaces and offices are becoming empty spaces. Working without an office is now very common for many businesses.

But the questions about how to find developers and where to look for talent still remain.

At WINaTALENT, we just launched the perfect solution: Developer Renting Service.

So Why Developer Renting?

Maintaining and running an office space is not getting any cheaper, and the business you are running may not be as profitable as it was before Covid.

Also, with different…

full-stack front-end back-end

The content we experience on the internet is the production of thousands of developers. In this post, we will talk about front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers and what they exactly do.

What Do Developers With Different Specialties Do?

What Do Front-End Developers Do?

All of the visible features you see in a website or an app are a front-end developer’s work. They are the ones who implement the designs and use different coding techniques such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

In every site or application, you are looking at a front-end developer’s job. …

hire a freelancer

The appetite for app development is growing rapidly. According to App Annie, the worldwide app downloads will reach 258 billion by 2022, that’s exactly why many startups strive to hire a freelancer.

But the question of how to manage the development stages and publish your app on the app stores still remains.

In this post, we are going to talk about how you can hire a freelancer and launch your app.

The most important questions that will affect your app development journey are:

  1. How much is your budget?
  2. Are you planning to build an iOS or an Android app?


cost of app development

Previously we discussed what steps you need to take to develop an application based on your goals, needs, and requirements. But the elephant remains in the room! How much does mobile app development cost?!

App development costs can vary, so there is no fixed price for app development.

But let us put things in a list first.

If you want to develop an app, you will have two types of expenses:

  1. The costs related to the development phase, such as design creation, coding and adding features, quality assurance, etc. …

Application development challenges interview

App development has a massive appetite between software vendors and start-up owners. Because of appetite, there are, of course, so many application development challenges that need full attention.

In our previous posts, we tried to cover all aspects of app development; from the early design and prototype stages to support and maintenance.

This post set up an interview with our app development expert, software engineer, and front-end specialist Hamed Navabian to tell us about the challenges he had faced in app development.

Hamed is experienced in JavaScript development. He graduated from Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch in Computer Engineering.

costumer review

As someone who wants to build a startup or develop an app in 2021, you most definitely heard about lean startup methodology and agile project management. By searching around these topics, project estimation and software project estimation services are some keywords you will come upon very early.

WINaTALENT offers an exceptional software/app estimation service.

Software estimation is one of the early stages of any startup. So many of our clients who entered this business have many questions:

  1. What resources are going to be needed if we want to build software or develop an app?
  2. What are the stages of app…

different payment methods

One of the most common questions between freelancers is how they will get paid based on their work on different freelancing platforms. And for clients, it is how the platform charges them for the service it provides. Therefore both freelancers and clients pay close attention to freelance platforms’ payment methods.

The freelancers want to be sure about their safe payments; in fact, payment is one of their concerns when they are looking for a freelancing platform to work-on.

In so many platform reviews, we see many comments about how some freelancers didn’t get paid or were dissatisfied with how the…


BRS is a standard document that stands for Business Requirements Specification.

Previously, we talked about SRS documents, functional requirements, non-functional requirements, and user stories in agile methodology.

BRS is one of the necessary documents in software testing and software development.

This post will talk about what BRS is, why it is essential to design a BRS document, how to write a BRS document, and the differences between BRS, SRS, and FRS documents.

What Is a BRS Document?

In short, the BRS document is called a BRD. Which stands for Business Requirements Document.

A BRD is a widely acceptable specification document. BRD aims to show how…


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