The Differences Between Prototype and MVP

prototype vs mvp

Not Testing Your Ideas Is a Great Way to Fail Fast.

There are two different schools of thinking when it comes to making a new product.

  • Get into the feedback cycle of your product early.
  • Listen to your users and use their opinions to find out what they expect from your product.

What Are the Differences Between Prototype and MVP?

The main goals for making a prototype are:

  • Affordability
  • Reduction of time-to-market
  • Helps to evolve the product
  • Minimizes development costs
  • Getting to the product release stage faster
  • Commitment
  • Audience


The scope of a prototype and an MVP differ considerably.

prototype vs mvp
prototype vs mvp
bicycle mvp
bicycle mvp


According to what we concluded above about MVP and prototype scope, the commitment level is also very different.


The audiences between a prototype and an MVP can also be quite different. Prototypes are mostly internal. Also, project prototypes are used for getting the stakeholders on board.


After understanding the differences between an MVP and a prototype, you can now decide which one you need.

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